nicoleheadshots2016-43Hi there!  My name is Nicole…

I’m just a single gal trying to live a life free from labels, shame and society’s standards.

I deeply desire to experience a life filled with love, adventure and passion.  And each and every day is a journey to get to that experience, especially since I’m an A-Type personality that craves rules and structure.  As I find the balance between these desires and reality, I have decided to put my opinions and coach training to good use and start a podcast that aims to connect with and provide support and encouragement for other single women!

When I’m working, I enjoy sleeping as long as my dog Gerti will allow, indulging in Netflix binges, and wandering aimlessly around Home Goods.  Giraffes, Pineapples, and Penguins can always bring a smile to my face.

I believe in

You, and the talents and strengths that God created you with
Second chances
Love!  That honest, true, deep LOVE
Making your own rules
The power of a latte